Are you At Risk for Oral cancer?

Oral cancer is something that affects about 50,000 people each year, with 9000 dying every single year from this disease. While it’s hard to diagnose the mortality rate of this, since it’s discovered very late into development, if you’re worried you’re at risk, there are a few things that you can do in order to help stop the risk before it gets any worse.

Now, the risk factors are simple. Everyone is at risk for it, whether you’re young or old, and you’re just as likely to get this cancer. However, there are a few risk factors that put you at a much higher level, and here is what they are.

First, if you smoke and chew tobacco you greatly increase this risk. Alcoholism or excessive drinking also puts you at the forefront for this. Exposure to HPV also puts you at risk for this, so if you don’t have the shot, you should definitely get it.

Along with that, oral hygiene and poor diet also puts you at risk for this. If you don’t have a good diet period, this can put you at quite great of a risk, so do make sure that you watch out for this. Finally, any sorts of trauma to the teeth or mouth area should be grounds to get you checked out, as these can be major risk factors in terms of your own personal oral hygiene and wellness.

Now, there are a few ways to check for this every single month. You can perform the self-exam if you aren’t going to see your dentist right away, and it definitely can help you catch the risk before it gets worse. Check the mirror in a bright light and look at the cheek, inside of lips, gums, and the tongue. You should watch out for any white or red patches of tissue, sores that bleed a lot, any lumps that are abnormal, a chronic sore throat, a mass on the neck that looks like a lump, and any difficulty swallowing. If any of these symptoms are there, immediately call your dentist to get an oral cancer screening.

Now, the screening is typically don’t by the general dentist, and this puts you in the best place to detect any sorts of oral cancer in early stages, and it’s a critical reason to help keep up with the appointments that you make with them.

They will examine the head and neck area, and you might not even realize what is going on, but they do. They’re looking for lumps and any abnormalities. If in chance there is a situation there, they might inform you that you should go see an oncologist, since this can often be a big part of it. you’d be surprised at how nice this is, since you’ll be able to detect this right away. If you go n twice a year, you definitely will be able to find out about this before it reaches the critical stages, which is what you should definitely use.

Now, if you worry that you or someone that you love is at risk for this, tell them about this. Get them in for some oral cancer screenings and give yourself a true look at yourself. You may never know what you’re going to find, and it might end up being something that can drastically determine the fate that you share. If you worry about this, especially in terms of what this could do for yourself, you should get screened right away. For it can really help to figure out what is going on.

If you’re worried about this, go see your Eugene dentist. They can help you get a good, accurate depiction of whatever is going on, and from there, they will help you figure out what you’re going to do, and you definitely will be much happier too. You owe it to yourself to get the screenings that you need, since if you do, it could potentially not only save your life, but it also could help keep your oral health in check as well, which will greatly decrease your chance for cancer and other problems that can affect your health.


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